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We are


[ You + Me ]


( おいしい | delicioso )

A paradise state of mind, a floating world reflecting life captured in abstracted time and meaning. 

Yuhmi is a couple from Miami Beach creating delicious dreams through hybrids art and design, evoking the essences of home and lifestyle, in this urban tropical paradise. Inviting you to view and taste the world through their eyes.


Known for their signature figurative anime character style inspired by their fascination for nature, travels and overall good times. Indoors and outdoors a like, their murals are odes to neighborhoods and places. Meant to draw the observer in, to enjoy moments while offering a sense of wonder and connection with the space.

They have worked individually and collaboratively on a variety of projects including accounts with Canvas Condominiums, Glade, Ford, Whole Foods Market, Piola Pizzeria, MTV as well as public works for the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project and Little Haiti Mural Project. They enjoy collaborating and exploring new mediums, always working towards further bringing their characters to life...

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 Photographs - Peter Vahan